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Security Cameras

Security cameras are an excellent way to protect your home or business, as well as provide a video history of events. They also act as a deterrent to criminals. We offer a full selection of business and home security cameras remotely accessible
from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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Protection for today’s life. At home & on the go.

PSTEL Network is always looking for ways to help protect our customers’ privacy and data as they use our Internet service. That’s why we are proud to provide this exceptional service to you!

Tech Home is a complete technology solution for your online safety. It’s easy to set-up, use, connect, protect, service, and enjoy on your networked devices… anytime, anywhere.

    Additional Tech Home Features
    • Bloatware scanning and removal
    • Anti-phishing/safe surfing
    • Parental controls
    • Password keeper
    • Unlimited virus removals

    Add One Desktop – $4.99/mo
    Add Mobile Device – $1.99/mo
    Add Protect Plus – $9.99/mo



    Computer Tune-Up – $49.95
    Perform necessary clean-up to bring the machine back to optimum performance.

    Virus & Spyware Removal – $99.95
    Remove infected files, processes and malicious programs; validate anti-virus software is installed, up-to-date and functioning properly.

    E-mail Support – $49.95
    Install and setup e-mail program; instruct on use and e-mail archiving/clean-up, troubleshoot e-mail difficulties.

    Software Install – $39.95
    Fully install and test the desired software.

    PC Setup Assistance – $79.00
    Provide instruction on proper setup of PC; assist setting up user profile; help connect to the home network.

    Simple Repair – $49.95
    Designed for repairs that take less than 30 minutes for resolution; upgradeable to Advanced Repair.

    Advanced Repair – $99.95
    Repair OS error messages, peripheral device errors, software updates, operating system updates or general PC and browser issues. Designed for repairs that take longer than 30 minutes.

    MP3/Audio Setup & Sync – $49.95
    Install required software for operation of the audio device; provide training on syncing device.

    Printer Setup & Config – $49.95
    Assist in connecting printer hardware to network or PC; install necessary printer software or drivers; perform functionality tests.

    Consumer Electronics Setup – $49.95
    Install required software; sync any existing data on the device and load onto PC; provide training on data location and how to sync the device with the PC. 

    Home/Wireless Network Config – $69.95
    Provide instruction on proper setup of a router device; remotely connect to device and PC to ensure proper configuration of the router, and one device to operate with the router.

    Additional Device Hookup – $39.95
    Provide configuration and testing of one additional network device to the existing wired or wireless network.

    Smart Phone Quick Start – $49.95
    Assist in connecting device to PC; sync data with PC or previous device; setup and test one e-mail account; educate on use.

    Tablet Quick Start – $49.95
    Assist in connecting device to PC; synch data with PC or previous device; setup and test one e-mail account; educate on use.

    Electronics Setup & Config – $49.95
    Setup and configure up to three home electronic devices; provide instruction on the hardware setup.

    Gaming Console Connection – $39.95
    Connect gaming device to existing network; configure a device to communicate with the router; educate on use.

    Blu-ray Connection – $39.95
    Assist in connecting Blu-ray player to existing network; configure the device to communicate with a router; educate on use.

    Internet Ready Television – $39.95
    Assist in connecting Internet-ready TV to existing network; configure TV to communicate with a router; educate on use.

    Security Software Install – $49.95
    Install the software and configure user settings for optimum performance; assist with the proper operation of software; provide tips for safe Internet browsing.