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DSL is currently available in over 14 areas. Primary markets include:

  • Butler
  • Geneva
  • Lizella
  • Box Springs
  • Reynolds
  • Roberta
  • Talbotton
  • Culloden

Due to distance requirements, each customer will need to be pre-qualified to verify DSL service availability and to ensure optimum performance levels. To initiate a pre-qualification check and order DSL service, call: 1-888-593-7782 or (478) 847-4111 and ask for a customer service representative.

Do you have our internet with a phone line? Save money now!

In the past, we required a phone line in order to get our internet services. We now offer internet only plans featuring fast and reliable connections. If you currently have our internet with a phone line, you can call to drop your phone line and save money on your monthly bill.

*Contact us to see if Fiber internet packages are available in your area. Monthly prices are subject to change without notice. Multi-year contracts are available. Prices exclude taxes.

**Additional charges for installation and equipment may apply.

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